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Frequently Asked Questions
Does or will SKIZZLE offer "" E-mail addresses?
This is by far one of our most commonly asked questions, and a sensitive subject for our management team. Although our system fully supports them, SKIZZLE E-mail addresses are not currently being offered, and there are no plans to offer them in the near future.

The bottom line is that we are not interested in hosting millions of temporary accounts for the purpose of forging registrations on other systems. We focus on personal productivity tools and community building, and our members believe in what we are trying to do and value their accounts. If all you want is an E-mail address, you are probably not our demographic, and there are more than enough abused "freemail" services out there for you to use. Our own member database is proof of that. On the positive side, our position may change if we can work around this issue. Any suggestions on how we can offer E-mail and keep abuse to a minimum would be welcome, and can be directed to

Does charge any fees for usage? is a free online service. Subscription services will be offered in the future in the areas of development, marketing and administration, but will not interfere with the Personal and Club activities you currently experience.

Are there any storage limitations?
SKIZZLE does not currently impose any quantity or size restrictions in any feature. This includes all Briefcase and Club modules.
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