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SKIZZLE Terms of Service
Everyone hates to read long legal notices, so's  Terms of Service are written in human-readable form. Please read them carefully, since use of is your indication of unconditional acceptance.
E-mail Addresses and SPAM memberships are good for life, so requires that you always have a valid E-mail address on file to maintain membership privileges. Your E-mail address is considered highly sensitive, and is not displayed, sold, or otherwise shared with third parties. is proud to be a SPAM-FREE community, and we promise not to taint your Inbox with solicitations. You will, however, receive a few E-mails from throughout the year regarding your membership or the status of the site. By completing the registration process on, you agree to accept these E-mails, that such E-mails are part of your membership, and that they cannot be unsubscribed. We trust you to maintain a valid and working E-mail address, and you, in turn, can trust us not to abuse it.
Use of Personal Information
The personal information contained in your private member profile is considered highly sensitive, and is not displayed, sold, or otherwise shared with third parties. gathers some basic demographic information to help us identify you in the event that you have trouble with your account, and to personalize some screens within the site. accounts are good for life and are never deleted, so you should make an effort to keep your account information up-to-date.
Storage of Personal Data has personal information management features. This means that you can store data on servers, and access them from virtually anywhere. employs robust storage and backup systems, but data loss can occur in even the best of environments. If you delete or otherwise lose data that you stored on, we assume no liability for damages related to such data loss.
System Availability
The availability of is in no way guaranteed, but we take extreme efforts to ensure that the site is operational and accessible. There may be certain circumstances, from technical difficulties to system upgrades to Murphy's Law that may affect the site's availability. If you are unable to access the site for any reason, we assume no liability for any damages that you attribute to a system outage.
Community Atmosphere is a community Web site that includes message boards, chat rooms, and other forms of publicly accessible communications. By participating in a SKIZZLE community feature, you are solely responsible and accountable for your actions and contributions, and is not responsible for the reactions of and responses of members as they relate to what you say or do. If you participate in our community features, you accept any and all responses that you may get, regardless of their nature. It will be at's sole discretion to determine what material is considered unacceptable, and will deal with any complaints on a case-by-case basis.
Use of indicates your full acceptance of our Terms of Service, and you are electing to use the system at your own risk. We reserve the right to update the Terms of Service at any time.
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