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The SKIZZLE Web Site Locator is an active Web Site search engine, not a research tool or warehouse of out-dated Web pages.
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Members like you who choose to run the Distributed Web Site Locator (DWSL) client application are directly responsible for bringing you this unique search engine, making it easier for you to find active and verified Web sites that specialize in a specific type of content, while warning you of potential security issues and nuisances.
How is SKIZZLE's Web Site Locator Different?
SKIZZLE's Web Site Locator does not attempt to index every page and word on the Internet. Its purpose is to catalog only the Web Sites, and give you a variety of options when you are looking for a Web site that specializes in specific subject matter. There are no rankings, so every site gets a fair chance, and every search you do could yield something new and different, but still very relevant.
What exactly is the DWSL client application?
The Distributed Web Site Locator (DWSL) Client is a Windows-based application that browses Web sites in the background while your computer is connected to the Internet. It is very inconspicuous, non-obtrusive, and can minimize quietly into your System Tray. It doesn't even use your Web browser, or even need to have a Web browser installed on the computer to operate. It is fascinating to watch, and you'll tend to spend quite a bit of time watching it before you decide to tuck it away.
Why should I participate in the DWSL project?
With almost no effort, you would be helping to build a more useful Web Site Locator for all members to enjoy. The current Web Site Locator already tracks sites that utilize cookies, pop-ups, and Flash, but future updates to the Web Site Locator may warn about sites that push viruses, worms, adult and questionable content, and other Web browsing hazards. Plus, your member profile will be rewarded with a special Member Rewards Icon that acknowledges your participation for everyone to see. You can view the Webmaster's Profile for an idea of how your icon is displayed. You'll earn one of these!
DWSL Client Download
Version 1.0 of the Distributed Web Site Locator Client is Now Available!
Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Download Now
(5.3 MB)
DWSL Support Forum
The Official DWSL Community Forum is the place to go if you want to learn more about the project, ask questions, or offer suggestions for new Web Site Locator or Client software features!
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