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ATTENTION: Cookies must be enabled to use this site.
System Requirements and Browser Compatibility
Please read the system requirements carefully. Links to SKIZZLE-approved Web browsers will take you to either the publisher's or a third-party download site.
Connection speeds over 56K, such as ISDN, Cable, Satellite, DSL, or T1 lines are highly recommended. Although dial-up connections will work fine, SKIZZLE's rich user interface was designed to take advantage of the connection speeds that broadband has to offer. To optimize bandwidth and improve page load times, uses HTTP 1.1 compression if your browser supports it. All of the approved Web browsers listed here support HTTP 1.1 compression.
Browsers must have cookies enabled and support nested tables, cascading style sheets (CSS), inline style tags, and the IFRAME and META REFRESH tags to fully support the features of SKIZZLE. If cookies are not enabled, at least for, you will be unable to use the service. If you can log into, but appear to get logged out the instant you click on something, your cookies are not working.
Popup blockers should be disabled for Some SKIZZLE features display information in convenient pop-up windows, and popup blockers will erroneously prevent them from displaying. SKIZZLE is advertisement free, and blocking pop-ups is not only unnecessary, but will prevent you from enjoying several key features.
Display resolutions should be set to 800 x 600 or higher, with support for at least 256 colors. A resolution of 1024 x 768 in HiColor (15 or 16 bit) or TrueColor (24 or 32 bit) mode would be ideal.
If your browser supports HTTPS, aka SSL (Secured Socket Layer), you should access using the URL. Between the SSL connection and SKIZZLE's encryption of URL strings and submission parameters, it is virtually impossible for someone to monitor any part of your SKIZZLE activities. This is great when you use a public computer, wireless connection, or a corporate workstation.
Approved Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 6
Mozilla 1.4
Netscape Navigator 6
Opera 7
These are minimum requirements. Other browsers, or browsers with versions lower than those listed, may not support properly, and are not eligible for technical support assistance.
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