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SL Connections - The Club
Founded: 12/15/2002
Owner: kellyrodgers
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Welcome SLAH consultants!

Our group is THE ONLY place to be on the web. Our site offers you all the information you need to run your business as well as helpful tips and tricks!

Do all your work on the web, anywhere, anytime!

SLConnections is more efficient!!
It's on the web, not in your email! Access what you need for your business from anywhere you have access to the internet.

SLConnections is safe to use!!
It's so much easier! Using a custom site like SLconnections will protect you and your business from headaches like PC crashes or virus attacks. Store your info on the web, not
your hard drive. Only you can access your files. We do not share your information with any other companies - Unlike those OTHER online communities.

Look at what you get with SLConnections!!

star Forum style posting
Get help with your business, customers, or find great ideas from consultants all around the country.

star Contact Management
Store all your Hostess, Customer, Recruit and Prospect information, not to mention important personal stuff, too.

star Calendar
Keep track of parties, appointments, trainings - anything important for your family and your business. You have TWO calendars - a personal one and a club calendar.

star UNLIMITED File Storage
Store pictures, documents, hostess information without limit. Access from anywhere!

star Chat
Talk with other consultants anytime of the day or night. This is such a great way to get that last minute question answered before you walk out the door!

Joining the SLConnections Club will liberate you from SPAM, ads, and volumes of E-mail. Spend your time on your business - not your E-mail.

To Join, simply email us for instructions.

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