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Welcome to SKIZZLE Forums!
SKIZZLE Forums are discussions on topics that have a potentially widespread appeal.
Google (SEC-GOOG) Message Board
With early news of Google's NYSE symbol, we are happy to announce our newest stock message board. This is a VERY new board, and posters are welcome and encouraged.
SKIZZLE! Distributed Web Site Locator (DWSL) Project
The SKIZZLE! Web Site Locator helps you find special interest Web sites while warning of potential privacy, security, or content issues, and now you have an effortless way contribute to the Site Locator database while earning special Member Rewards credit! Visit the DWSL Project Home for more information about this awesome distributed computing project!
Advanced Viral Research (SEC-ADVR) Message Board
If you're tired of the pumping and bashing practices you get on other stock message boards, you'll appreciate this one. This is a trial, so if it takes off, we'll make it official! (This message board was requested by TekNik)
Mpower (SEC-MPOW) Message Board
I created this forum because I liked the format of the SIRVA message board, and I'm getting tired of the bad pumping practices and ads that you get on other trading boards. I will moderate this one, and will make sure that all messages are about Mpower Communications. If it goes well, I will try to open other stock boards on this site. (This message board was requested by TekNik)
NEW! - Stock Forums
Enter a stock symbol and click the green arrow. If the security you entered is on file, we'll take you right into the message board!
FINALLY! Now you can get in on the latest gossip for your favorite stocks and securities without the bashing, pumping, and off-topic solicitations found on other stock message boards.

If a Forum that interests you is currently un-moderated, you can request to be designated as the Forum's official moderator by sending an E-mail to or an Inbox message to the Webmaster. Just specify the security's symbol, and we'll have you moderating in to time!
TIP: To bookmark or share your favorite SKIZZLE stock Forums, use the URL "", followed by the security's symbol. For example, "" links to The Walt Disney Company's Forum.
Please note that all visitors can browse forums and view messages, but only registered members can post. To participate in SKIZZLE forums or to create new forums, make sure that you are logged in. If you're not registered, you should Register Now.
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