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RootFolder Communications announces new version of
Monday, November 1st, 2004 has been a specialty site that has provided a mix of powerful features, from personal information management and storage to group collaboration, with a specialty search engine and several popular HTML-based games added to the mix By adhering to a strict no-advertising policy and a dedication to providing more powerful features than other collaboration sites, is filling a niche that is gaining user support.

Not only is a great community builder for the casual user, but it is becoming a popular choice for enterprise users that are in need of an instant Intranet solution. The next release of, code-named "SKIZZLE Online", will have a more cohesive, friendly, and professional look and feel that will appeal to end-user and corporate users alike.

"There are significant architectural enhancements in the works, from basic navigation to the way pages are refreshed. Our continuing mission is to provide an application-like interface without the need to install special client software. The SKIZZLE Online system will still operate within a Web browser, but this version will make light use of JavaScript to support the enhanced user interface."

Among the list of planned updates include:

An Enhanced User Interface
SKIZZLE Online will employ an application-style user interface that resembles an enterprise collaboration application. Personal information management, Intranet-style collaboration, Internet search engine, and entertainment features will all be integrated into a more cohesive and easy-to-navigate user interface.

Lower Bandwidth Requirements
Special attention is being given to lowering bandwidth requirements. was designed to be used with broadband connections, and the new version will significantly improve the application's usability on lower-speed connections such as dial-up.

Shared Computer Support
SKIZZLE Online includes a new feature called "SKIZZLE Families" that allows users to consolidate multiple Handles into quick-access login screens for single-computer families or organizations.

Time Zone Support
SKIZZLE Online will display dates and times based on the user's local time zone settings, making it easier to collaborate across multiple time zones. You will always know, in your local time, when information was posted or updated.

Compatibility with Existing Member Data
When the SKIZZLE Online version is officially launched, all existing member data will be retained. The new system will be 100% compatible with all existing Club and Briefcase data.

Details regarding the scope of other enhancements are not yet available, but a "technology preview" is scheduled for early Q1 of 2005.

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